Your crops in your hands!


Agromo platform

We know that agriculture is a tough industry. It takes dedication, patience, and a little luck. It takes experience from hard-learned lessons, it takes time, timely decisions - and sometimes the weather’s cooperation. But without the right knowledge at the right time, all that experience, dedication and hard work can be in vain. Our job is to make yours a little easier, by providing you with comprehensive, actionable information about the state and development of your agricultural crops.

With the Agromo platform, you:
- Monitor the development of your crops anywhere, anytime.
- Receive detailed crop growth and yield predictions and reports.
- Receive weather statistics and imminent bad weather warnings.
- Receive automated reports and site specific recommendations on irrigation fertilization.


We are a data analytics start-up company based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are focused on processing and analysing Earth observation data with applications to agriculture. Our innovative Agromo platform provides farmers with timely analytics and actionable information on how their crops grow, helping them optimize resource usage and increase productivity. Agromo is a mobile/web application for crop monitoring based on analytics from high-resolution optical, IR and radar satellite data with short revisit times.